Kratom Seattle

26/11/2013 17:19

Kratom Seattle is a search term given to a specific location. In comparison to how long Kratom has been a round, it has had a relatively short life span here in the United States. You will find that areas that are high in opioid prescriptions will also be high in Kratom purchases and Seattle is no different.

The reason being is that Kratom can help wean people off of prescription pain killers by either lessening the horrible withdrawal symptoms or completely eliminating them entirely. Kratom has a huge following in Seattle because it has set people “free” of their prescriptions and they are no longer a slave to their demons.

Kratom Seattle can also be searched for retail stores within the area. Several herbal shops carry this tree like plant. However, you are going to pay significantly higher than simply buying it over the Internet. One of the cheapest places to buy Kratom if you live in Seattle is You won’t find a more dedicated vendor with a huge variety of different Kratom strains at highly competitive prices. And get to know more about the mitragyna speciosa. carries every Kratom Strain, has a wide range of plain leaf blends (that are made by a Master Blender), a range of enhanced blends and plain leaf powder, as well as a line of extracts to enhance your own powders. Coupled with fast shipping and A+ customer service and you won’t go anywhere else for your Kratom needs


Kratom Mitragyna Speciosa

13/11/2013 16:46

Kratom Mitragyna Speciosa is a tree like plant that grows in the sub tropic regions of South East Asia. It is a plant that has been utilized for thousands of years by tribal medicine men and has recently started a following here in the United States.

Backed by several Milena, it also has a wide range of uses and is most commonly utilized for its strong analgesic properties. It is a plant that is in the same family as the coffee tree and as such, takes on similar stimulating properties in lower dosages.

This plant is a “one stop shop” for just about anything that would plague the human system. People turn to this plant to help with their insomnia (when used in higher dosages), chronic pain, chronic fatigue, depression, social anxiety, stress related issues, anxiety attacks, digestive issues such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), strengthen immunity, lower and upper back pain, sprains, strains, and tendon trauma, muscle soreness due to surgeries or over exertion, menstrual cramps, chronic migraines, fibromyalgia, withdrawal symptoms related to prescription pain killer dependency and/or street drugs, and used as an aphrodisiac.

Kratom Mitragyna Speciosa comes in three grind levels. The first is Crushed Loose Leaf (or loose leaf) and this is commonly used to make Kratom Tea. Kratom Mitragyna Speciosa Tea (Kratom Tea) is extremely bitter, however, and there is very little one can add to cut back on the strong flavor. This is not the preferred method as it takes a great deal of loose leaf to create a small amount of tea. This is also not the most cost effective method. For more info visit

The second grind level for Kratom Mitragyna Speciosa is plain leaf powder. The leaves are ground down further to a granulated powder. Bits of stem and vein can be seen in this powder and are kept in to keep tolerance to the plant at a minimum.

The final grind level is a Fine Powder and this is when most of the stem and vein is removed and further ground down to give it a very soft, talcum like feel. Clumping can be an issue with this particular grind but it is a favorite among Kratom Therapists world wide.

Kratom Legality

04/11/2013 14:33

Kratom Legality in the fifty United States varies from state to state. There are two states, currently, that have banned Kratom. There is legislation underway trying to overturn that ruling just as there are bills in various other states that are trying to ban the plant.

Kratom Legality all started when several teens wound up in the hospital due to severe reactions that doctors were scratching their head over. When the teens revealed that they had been taking Kratom, doctors all scrambled to read up on the plant, and at the time, the literature was few and far between. Kratom was mostly in Asian Medicine and a lot of that is passed down from word of mouth. The tribes that use it, in the sub tropic regions of South East Asia hardly ever write down their folk medicine remedies. Their medicine man studied from the medicine man before them and so on and so on, and because of that, there was very little to read up on with it.

Kratom Legality is currently under fire in the United States and the ban in Thailand has been recently overturned. United States politicians have a hard time keeping the plant legal based off of the big pharmaceutical companies and their lobbyists they have working for them.

Kratom Legality and keeping the plant legal is vital for thousands of people who utilize this plant in the United States. Kratom Legality, if it were to change and become illegal, would devastate many people who practice homeopathic medicine since it is considered an all nature and safe alternative to many of the prescription medicines on the market today.  Patients that suffer from depression, anxiety, chronic pain, digestive issues, insomnia, stress related ailments, chronic fatigue, social anxiety, and a whole slew of other medical issues, would be forced to go back to the prescriptions they’ve worked so hard to wean themselves off .